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Problem connecting to VPN - Global Protect

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Problem connecting to VPN - Global Protect

Hi all,


I've recently changed employer and am having difficulty connecting to their VPN. Old set up was a windows machine with AnyConnect, that worked flawlessly via PlusNet since I started remote working in 2019.


New set up is a Mac with Global Protect, been trying since Monday to get it to work - I just cant establish a connection through PN. It does however work when I connect through the hotspot on my mobile device. 


Tech support at my employer says its down to PN, PN tell me they dont support VPN - I see both POV but it doesnt actually help me get any closer to resolution.


There are lots of similar threads on the forum from people who appear to be suffering from similar difficulties, I've tried fixes suggested but cant see a clear path to getting this resolved.


With 3 months left on my PN contract and no viable options to resolve, it feels like my best option is to roll the dice and switch to another provider in the hope that it will work with them



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Re: Problem connecting to VPN - Global Protect

The usual quickest fix is to request a static IP for a one-off charge of £5. These are allocated from a different IP range.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Problem connecting to VPN - Global Protect

fwiw, recently read a post on another forum, where openwrt openvpn client router refuses to connect to multiple 3rd party VPN service providers when wired to a Plusnet Hub.

Above problem was solved by using DMZ on the Hub.   This should not be necessary.  Still being investigated.


Perhaps try putting the IP address of your Mac into the DMZ in the Plusnet Hub.

Trying another router (non-BT/Plusnet) is another idea? 

TPlink TD-W9970 v3/v4 probably cheapest generic VDSL/ADSL router you can pick up on eBay for as little as a tenner, if you don't wish to buy new from Argos etc.


Also, if you want to test a static IP address as suggested by @MisterW , perhaps enable the Plusnet Broadband Firewall through your account (try 'Low' setting)?  I believe you would be assigned a static IP address, if you wish to avoid the £5 charge.....



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Registered: ‎31-03-2021

Re: Problem connecting to VPN - Global Protect

Hi both,


I saw a few workarounds on the other VPN threads on here, around the firewall and similar - tried them to no avail.


4 days with no reliable connection was just unacceptable and the support team were unable to help. In the end signed up for an account with BT, cancelled Plus Net and will tether to my mobile in the mean time.