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Printing emails

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Printing emails

Have googled this problem but not yet come up with an answer so thought I would ask it here:
Using Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Live Mail (2009 version) and Epson DX3850 all-in-one which works perfectly well for every other function.
When I want to print an email the message is going to the printer but all that is happening is that it prints the header and the date at the bottom. Content of the email is missing.
Printer settings are OK.  Read that it was an IE issue (I run FF as my default browser) so changed that to default but just the same.
AT the moment am having to copy and paste into a Word document.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on please?  There are no error messages BTW.
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Re: Printing emails

Install one of those free PDF "virtual" printers and print to a PDF file.
This will work for all applications (not just email).
Try printing the PDF file to the printer - this way you won't lose images/fonts etc by copy and pasting.
Should Windows have any scripting abilities, you could automate this.  Grin