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Powerline Networking Issues

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Powerline Networking Issues

I was about to recommend (against my better judgement) that a poster considers using Powerline networking. However in my view this should be a last resort due to the cost of units and the likely prospect that performance would be dissapointing. In my view Powerline networking should only be considered if the two units are plugged into the same circuit. This can be checked by switching off all circuit breakers in the Consumer Unit except for the circuit into which the Powerline sender is plugged then plugging in the receiver and checking that power is getting to it.  If this is not the case then another approach should be considered. It is still a gamble whether the two units will perform as expected but having them on the same circuit gives the best chance.

In my view, whilst running a CAT5e or CAT6 cable can be a real pain, it is cheap, only has to be done once and once it is installed will give 100% problem free data transmission.

To back up my concerns I have have written the attached document, which gives my justification in more detail.


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Re: Powerline Networking Issues

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Re: Powerline Networking Issues

I did once use powerline networking and still have both adapters. It was convenient although every now and then they'd loose sync but that was easily sorted. They also kept the place tidier as i didn't need a ethernet cable trailing across the floor to the router.

The real problem for me was the collective reports online about the EM radiation they emit all around the household wiring - apparently stronger than WiFi. It's been known for years that people (especially children) living near mains power lines and pylons are at higher risk of developing leukemia and thus I decided to scrap the powerline adapter use in favour of my sons health. If I have to have a messy wire running out into the hallway then so be it.

Yes I may well live to regret it in the future if they conclusively prove that there is no link and it's all coincidence as it'll be money wasted however I'd rather waste it and my son be healthy. In the early 20th century people used to claim smoking was good for you. These days Wifi is harmless because people cannot see or understand the potential risk of the EM. It is quite possible that in decades to come we'll be seeing a new health disaster that is caused by it. On the other hand it might all turn out to be a load of cobblers..

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