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Power line adapter with wifi

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Power line adapter with wifi

Does anyone have any experience in using this power line adapter with wifi? I have used a power line adapter before with no problems, but wandered how the wifi works on this item.

I saw this "TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT Single-Band N300 Powerline Kit 2 Pieces" and thought of you!
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Re: Power line adapter with wifi

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Re: Power line adapter with wifi

How well they work mostly depends on your house wiring, and are more likely to work when transmitting the signal between sockets on the same floor, which should be on the same electrical circuit.

I used them to transmit the signal from upstairs to downstairs, and got intermittent short dropouts, whereas a friend has used them in a similar way in her house with no problems whatsoever (wired and Wi-fi.)

Unless you have detailed knowledge of how your house is wired I'd therefore suggest borrowing a set of homeplugs first if possible to find out whether you are likely to be successful.

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Re: Power line adapter with wifi


Buy them from Amazon, try them out and if you have any problems or they do not work return them within the 30 day period.

Could be screw fix have the same policy but never had any issues with Amazon returning my money within the period allowed.

A look in you fuse box should give you some idea of the circuits in your house.

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Re: Power line adapter with wifi

Hi @BKB 

Take a look at this tp-link tl-wpa4220-kit Everything you need to know about them. 

I've been using a similar TP-Link devices (TL-WPA281) for years with no issues.

Hope this helps


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Re: Power line adapter with wifi

They are very much a matter of you get what you pay for, how you install them and equally important how you configure the WiFi SSIDs.

I've used Devolos for years and have found their performance excellent in comparison to Netgear and TP Link.

DO NOT plug them into extension cables.

Set WiFi SSIDs to be the same as on the router, but fix all SSID channels to (on 2.4GHz) to one of 1, 6 or 11 and ideally make them different.  Thereby wifi devices will 'roam' between the SSID stations picking up the better signal, without co-channel interference.

Powerline adapters are a much better option that WiFi extenders.

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