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Portable Apps

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Portable Apps

Today at my web design class the tutor was telling us about Portable Apps which is a suite of utilities that can be installed onto a USB flash drive and taken with you anywhere.  I just downloaded the basic then added File Zilla which enabled me to gain access to the server (their computers do not have this).  There are three options:  Platform Only Suite Light Suite Standard.  With the basic one you can 'pick and mix', just adding what you want.
You can then take all your best loved apps wherever you like and instantly feel at home on any computer. I thought that it was very neat indeed.
Possibly most users of the forum will know about this but have just posted it for those who don't. 
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Re: Portable Apps

if you configure Portable apps correctly, you can run the programs from USB and it leaves no trace on the borrowed machine, very useful at times, It have been on several PC Mag program discs, I am using one over a year old