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Port forwarding

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Registered: ‎29-03-2016

Port forwarding

I have a Technicolor 582n router attached to a desktop computer running Vista. I have CCTV cameras at my home and I would like the ability to view them on line via my smartphone and/or tablet.
I can confirm that the ports (23 and 80) are open. The VCR shows as an ethernet connection on my Router. IP appears on a search but is not found on a search via the https line. The VCR does not appear on my computers network list.
Can you help.
I am not very techy so an idiots guide would be appeciated.
Can you help.
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Re: Port forwarding

Could I ask how the CCTV system is connected to the desktop, and how it is accessed normally?
From what I gather, the CCTV system is connected to the Technicolor router, then you view the CCTV system on the desktop at your home via a web interface (by pointing a browser to - or is that wrong? The specific details of how it is connected could rather drastically change the steps required to set this up, but it sounds like you're on the right track! Next is determining your WAN IP ( is a LAN IP address, which will only work when you are connected to the same router and not outside your house)