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Port forwarding for plusnet one to use R-play app

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Registered: ‎26-01-2018

Port forwarding for plusnet one to use R-play app

Hi all , this is driving me mad . I'm trying to get the router set up so I can play an app called R-Play on the iphone which links up to your PS4 . I've followed the links on the page and I've also set up a static IP address for my PS4 . I've entered the codes it gives me on the page no luck , I've entered the codes the R-play support gave me (UDP 987 , TCP 9295 & UDP 9296)  and still no luck . I've searched this page and found another set of codes which I put in and they still down work which are (UDP 88 , ANY 3074 , ANY 53 , TCP 80 , UDP 500 , UDP 3544 , UDP 4500 ) and again no such luck .


The app works fine if your on the same network put if I join another internet or 4G it says I need to configure the port forwarding to do this . R-Play support cant understand why and they've found out on here afew have had this issue also . They say now i've got to specify the device using the IP address instead . How do you do this ? Anyone got the r-play app working on there iphone ? do I still need the static IP address for the PS4 ?


If someone can give me a step by step guide on how to do this I'd be very very grateful . 


Thanks nick