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Port Forwarding Help

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Port Forwarding Help

Hi, I posted in the gaming forum about 2 weeks ago ( with no reply.


Basically my Nat type is Teredo which affects Microsoft store games on PC. Following Microsoft guides it says to open some ports but I never could figure it out.


Anyway, I now need to create a server for 7 Days to die (steam game) and it requires some ports open like 26900 TCP/UDP


I think I have managed to do this on my router but when I test if the ports are open using it still says it is closed.


Not sure if I did it right but I now think I need a static ip address too, to fix both teredo and port forward issues.


Using TP Link Archer vr2800 router.


Thanks for any help or information.

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Re: Port Forwarding Help it, not! I have a fairly new PC and had no end of grief trying to get Teredo working with Xbox. Like you I followed and spent quite some time trying to get it working. Funny enough I still haven't got it working with Xbox (for the MSFlightSim 2020 via Steam) and yet the sim plays 100% fine, logging into Xbox without any errors. Good luck.

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Re: Port Forwarding Help

Thanks for your reply,


To be honest I had no idea what the hell a teredo was until I installed some steam Xbox games on PC and had some issues and needed to check Nat type.


Naive to think that taking fibre broadband out in 2020 and it lacks support for something like Xbox.


As I also can't seem to open ports (or possibly doing something wrong), and also the teredo issue I read some more guides they say I may need a static address for both ports and teredo.


How would anyone know to check if a ISP works with a teredo and Ipv6, seems like a standard that should already be in place, the average user won't know otherwise!


Had I of known this I doubt I would have got broadband with Plusnet.

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Re: Port Forwarding Help

Looks like a 2 part problem...
1. Your router must support Teredo
2. The ISP must support Teredo

There are security concerns over masking ipV6 packets inside ipV4 packets so I suspect you would need a very techie plusnet staffer not a normal CS person.
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Re: Port Forwarding Help

Well I fixed the port opening, phoned this morning and paid for static ip address and now I can do that and it works (maybe coincidence not sure).


The Teredo thing seems dumb, from what I have read you need IPV6 and plusnet doesn't have it, only IPV4!


Router is TPLink Archer VR2800 so no idea and the rest is beyond me, would like to know if anyone else found a fix, especially one that doesn't need a degree in IT.