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Plusnet assist

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Plusnet assist

When I log on using my desktop computer there is a link to Plusnet assist but when my wife logs on with her laptop the Plusnet assist does not appear even though she is logged on to the plusnet page with my user name and password.
So why does plusnet assist appear on one computer but not the other (NB the desktop is connected by cable the laptop via Wi-Fi) 
How do we get access to it on the laptop.
The desktop always connects ok but the laptop is erratic sometimes connects ok but other times it does not with the message "Unknown network"  It works ok once we go through through the windows trouble shooter which "repairs" the connection.
The laptop runs windows 7 64 bit.
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Re: Plusnet assist

Hi gleneagles,
Have you downloaded and installed Plusnet Assist on your Laptop? It sounds like you have it installed on your Desktop computer already. You will need to install it on each machine separately.
You can download Plusnet Assist at
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer