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Plusnet assist noit recognising IE v 11 ?

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Registered: ‎31-08-2014

Plusnet assist noit recognising IE v 11 ?

Hi folks hope someone can help .... Plusnet assist reports that I am not using Internet Explorer ,,,, but I am using IE v 11 in Windows 7
why can it not recognize IE ?
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Re: Plusnet assist noit recognising IE v 11 ?

It was written before IE11 was introduced and never updated.    Embarrassed  Low priority for any rework.
It can be persuaded to work if you set IE11 into compatibility mode, but why bother?  It doesn't do anything you cannot achieve manually, but can be really helpful in undoing any customised settings you've made!  Most tech savvy users won't go near it as it causes more grief than being useful.
Far better to raise your problem here in the Forums and get help from one of the many knowledgeable guys here.