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Plusnet Security fails to install

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Plusnet Security fails to install


I get to 83% installed then get the message 'the following component failed to install - SecurityCenter'.  have tried using the McAfee pre load software and switching off Windows Defender software and Firewall plus Core protection but nothing seems to work.  Windows is up todate

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Re: Plusnet Security fails to install

I used to run various anti-virus progs for many years.. however, for the past 3 years, I have relied on Windows Security Essentials   ( aka windows defender )... I have not had any virus attacks,  so will not be going back to "third party" anti-virus progs... 

Unless you are going to visit dodgy sites, and click on unknown links in emails, I would recommend you forget about McAfee and all those others... and rely on the Windows Anti-virus .


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Re: Plusnet Security fails to install

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