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PlusNet's PHP upgrade - HELP!

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PlusNet's PHP upgrade - HELP!

Cool - Does anyone know how I can resolve my issues on my website when it comes to PHP and security images on submit forms. All was working well before the upgrade and now not at all. I have one security image written in PHP4 script and one in PHP5
script. Neither of which work. Tested on my local server at home (all OK). It's driving me nuts as searching through the web (internet) I keep coming back to the same point and I know the code is correct.
Any help would be appriciated else I will have to take my site else where and possibly move ISP. I have been with Plusnet since 2003 and don't really want to more but I'll be dammed if I let the spammers use my forms to post their crap via email.
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Re: PlusNet's PHP upgrade - HELP!

you could PM Gabe, he is an absolute expert on PHP
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