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Phone call from plusnet real or fake?

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Phone call from plusnet real or fake?

hi, Just had a phone call from someone that said from PlusNet, I Picked up the phone and they asked by surname they then just asked if I was happy with the service or would I like something else, I could not here correct as the line sounded not very good, sounded almost like a mobile. Anyway I just said yes happy with the service and put the phone down. I am thinking of maybe upgrading my service. But since I get a lot of cold calls I was unsure. And I thought any special offers or services come in your email. This is the only time I have had any call from PlusNet in many years any ideas or has anyone else had this happen to them. Call was a round 8pm
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Re: Phone call from plusnet real or fake?

Hi Ben G. I get calls like this sometimes 8 times in one day and say that they are such and such. Not had the call you have had. If they call my mobile, the number is shown and I just do not answer it. How they got my mobile number, I have no idea because only friends and family know it. If you dial 1471 on landline and the number is there, look them up on Internet to find out who they really are. I just hang up now and block them if they call on mobile. These cold calls really tick me off. Cheesy