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Permanent email address

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Permanent email address

I've used ISP email addresses since email was born, but now I'm thinking that I should make a break, separating the internet connection service from the email service. 

I'd have a lot of websites etc to update but only this once.

There are lots of companies offering domains and email hosting etc, but I would like to know of your recommendations.  Note that this is only domestic email for the family and I don't really need anything else.   I don't have any email to migrate as it's all on the PC.  If it includes any website building / hosting, then I might use it one day, but that's not important.   I just want it to be reliable and cheap.


I look forward to hearing about your experience and receiving your suggestions Smiley

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Re: Permanent email address

I use 123reg. They offer easy email forwarding as well as having an easy-to-use control panel. Plus they are reasonably priced.

I have 5 domains with them.

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Re: Permanent email address

I've very positive experiences with - though you need a domain name.

That points to where you ought to be turning the acquisition of your own domain name.  In the short term, PlusNet could host the domain name, so that 'points to'

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Re: Permanent email address

I've been using 1and1 for my domain and basic email (5 mailboxes) with no problems.