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PayPal Shopping Cart

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PayPal Shopping Cart

I run a web site for a small registered charity.
They have recently asked me if I could incorporate a page to allow visitors to purchase items to support the charity.
Can anyone provide any advice for a complete beginner?
I was thinking of a basic Paypal shopping cart, selling 2 to 3 items.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: PayPal Shopping Cart

There are only 3 basic systems or
Or paypal there are others but these are the simple ones for FREE.
Malls and roamcart are both very good and they have loads of examples for setting up you buying page. They have lots of features and can do all sorts of things like send out emails for you.
You basic problem is you cant accept any credit cards unless you have a payment gateway. Roman cart lets you use Paypal among others as a gateway as does MAlls. they both have videos and tutors online to help you and the forums are very quick replying