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Own hosting with Plusnet

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Own hosting with Plusnet

Is it possible to host my own webserver with Plusnet.  It's nothing major, just  Pi connected with a HD to regularly get documents.  It will only be me using it and perhaps my wife.  I assume I won't have a static IP for a domain?





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Re: Own hosting with Plusnet

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A Static IP can be purchased for a one-off fee of £5.

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Re: Own hosting with Plusnet

Yes you can host your own webserver - or any other for that matter. Upload speeds won't be great though unless you're a business customer or on an expensive residential package but you can do it. I get about 2mb upload speed which for accessing documents remotely will do the job but wouldn't be great if i was running anything busy.

You don;t need a static IP - it would help but isn't strictly necessary. You can get a dynamic dns account from or and various others. Each time your IP address changes the client on your machine will update the dynamic dns for the chosen domain you have. IT sounds complex but really isn't.

You choose your own subdomain (eg - and that is linked to your ip address. When your ip address changes, you need to update that subdomain. If you have a dynamic dns client installed then that can be done automatically for you.

Also note that if you want to use that subdomain with your webserver then you need to setup the webserver to accept and respond to requests from it. Not a massive issue but a bit of reading in the documents is required. If you're using apache it's quite easy.

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