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One for the people who like to fiddle

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One for the people who like to fiddle
Over the past week, Windows enthusiasts have been buzzing about a folder in Windows 7 (and the 32-bit version of Vista, as well) that can do just about anything. This folder, once created, contains 294 shortcuts to various tools and features found within Windows 7. Many of them are standard Control Panel items, but many others, such as advanced disk management tools, are nested within other Control Panel options and can be a pain to find. Ina Fried of CNET warns users, however, that if tried on the 64-bit version of Vista, the GodMode folder may crash your computer.
In the GodMode folder, shortcuts to all of those tools are categorized under sections and freely searchable. To make this folder and become a god of your own, simply create a new folder with the name:
Upon creating the folder, its name will change to GodMode, and the icon will change to a Control Panel icon. Simply open up the folder to view its contents. CNET recently contacted Microsoft with an inquiry into more about the feature itself, and why they made it without ever telling anyone.
It’s an interesting find – someone had a lot of time on their hands – but it may prove quite useful if used correctly.
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Re: One for the people who like to fiddle

How absolutely ****** stupid.
Explorer will open any appropriate folder - see
It isn't god-like - it's just a link into that monolithic mess that replaced the worse mess called the system.ini file.
(AKA "the registry")