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Hi All
Adobe has just acquired Omniture, well it is good by Adobe I will be removing Adobe from all my computers.
My bold
[quote="5 new things marketers should know about analytics"]
Everyone likes a website with Flash components because they're, well, flashy. However, before this year, Adobe Flash assets were a bit of a mystery. They were difficult to track without complicated, customized implementations and costly server calls (depending on the vendor). Adobe's 2009 acquisition of Omniture, a leading analytics provider, will change this. Analytics professionals will now have a more holistic view of user behavior because Adobe can enhance its current products with tracking tools. Essentially, this means that Adobe's products will define what is performing well. Here's what Adobe says about how its acquisition will affect marketers:
   "The combination of the two companies will increase the value Adobe delivers to customers. For designers, developers, and online marketers, an integrated workflow -- with optimization capabilities embedded in the creation tools -- will streamline the creation and delivery of relevant content and applications. This optimization will enable advertisers and advertising agencies, publishers, and e-tailers to realize greater ROI from their digital media investments and improve their end users' experiences."
The ability to embed Omniture tracking capabilities within Adobe files will be extremely valuable to marketers, as they will finally have insight into how users interact with their websites and web properties. Measurement functionality will show interactions with the content (e.g., where people are abandoning within a PDF and what content is visible above the drop-off area), which will enable marketers to better optimize their efforts.
I guess there will be addidional tracking within Flash as well.
What is it with all these companies jumping in to bed with Omniture?
So we have:

  • Adobe

  • Apple

  • BT

  • Virgin Media

  • BBC

  • Times Online

That I know of!   Angry
Critics have accused Omniture of attempting to hide the fact they are collecting data.  Critics claim they do this by sending the information to a domain name that looks and sounds similar to an IP address used to connect to devices on the local network and not the Internet. This has led to speculation that the domain name is used to trick users or firewall rules.  Omniture's SiteCatalyst and SearchCenter products use the domain name.
Omniture has been known to have recurring delays of up to one to two days in reporting the web traffic data back to the businesses buying their service.
Omniture collects data from Apple and Adobe, who use Omniture to collect usage statistics across their products.  It is possible to opt-out of the Omniture data-collection system, but this requires acceptance of a persistent web-browser cookie, which, if removed, will require the user to repeat the opt-out procedure.
It is also possible to block the tracking by using the hosts file and blocking or by using an ad filter, or an HTTP proxy server.
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Re: Omniture

phorm by a different name.