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Odd email rejection

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Odd email rejection

Can someone explain what this means
Your message to <****> was automatically rejected:
Quota exceeded

Edit - I have found out
Email Troubleshooting
If you're having trouble sending and receiving email, it may be an indication that your mailbox is full. The total size limit on an individual email box is 10MB. This means that you cannot have any more than 10MB worth of email stored in folders on the mail server.

I filled it up by sending an email to the recipient of just over 10MB a couple of days ago  Embarrassed
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Re: Odd email rejection

They dont like you!!
Could be they have software running that looks for key words and rejects all mail with these word. Our council has this and I get the same message when sending to councilors. They use all sorts of silly words like yobs black sexual etc. I sent a email about a black car and it was rejected as it assumes you are referring to a black persons. I changed to email to a very dark car and it went ok