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Nova Mesh MW and Hub One

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Nova Mesh MW and Hub One

Hi there 

I currently have a Hub one router with WIFI turned off and using it with Nova MW3 with 3 nodes

I have the Nova set to Bridge Mode as I read somewhere that it should be that way.


I am a bit confused as I keep reading that it is not possible to use the Plusnet Hub One router with the Mesh set up??.


Please could somebody clarify?    Should I be looking at getting a different router to work with the Nova Mesh?

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Re: Nova Mesh MW and Hub One

If you put the mesh into bridge and turn off Wi-Fi on the hub one should be ok.
I use a different mesh network kit with no issues.
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Re: Nova Mesh MW and Hub One


The confusion arises because Plusnet calls the Hub One a router. It's not, it's a combined modem/router.

If you are connecting a Mesh unit that includes a router then if you connect it to a Hub One you end up with two routers in series, which is not recommended. Unfortunately you cannot use the Hub One modem section on its own, hence the advice that it shouldn't be used.

However you can connect a Mesh system to a Hub One if the router function in the Mesh system is disabled. This converts the Mesh Units into Access Points. I assume that this is what the bridge mode does.

The disadvantage is that the Hub One router functions are pretty basic and you cannot use any additional bells and whistles which may be built into the Mesh router section. If you want to use these you need to buy either a separate stand alone modem or a combined modem/router with the capability of being used just as a simple bridge modem and put this in place of the Hub One.

I hope that this makes sense.


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