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New scam BSOD

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New scam BSOD

A bit of a warning, there's a new type of malware out on the loose that actually fakes a BSOD and then makes you purchase ‘Windows Defender Essentials’ to solve these blue screens of death..Angry

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Re: New scam BSOD

I was just about to post about the same thing. I'm glad there's people out there that finds these things and posts how to fix 'em.

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Re: New scam BSOD

Yep thanks, since viruses first came about, people liked the thrill of ruining your computer.

Now (in this era) people have worked that they can do that and also make money too, it will only get worse.

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Re: New scam BSOD

Thanks for the advanced warning... Have "bookmarked" the removal page, as there is quite a lot of steps to take , after running Malwarebytes..

As my bookmarks are "sync`d" using Xmarks, the page will be on my other laptop, if/when I need it.....

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Re: New scam BSOD

System Restore is the best means of removing malware if it will run successfully.  That is because it will revert any changes to your settings that were made by the malware as well as getting rid of it.  In Windows 8/10 the best starting point is by restarting the computer whilst holding down the Shift key.  System Restore will fail if you are still on the 1607 version of Windows 10 (but there is a workaround).

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Re: New scam BSOD

You used to be able to install a BSOD as a screensaver.

Someone did this to me whilst I was at lunch, in the days of NT4.

I had to be restrained from rebooting it.

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Re: New scam BSOD

@VileReynard So you didn't want to 'boot' the culprit?

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Re: New scam BSOD

A virus I had last year locked my computer up, and when I eventually tried to get system restore to run, it would and then on restart the dam virus got into that and messed everything up.

took laptop to my local computer shop, and they used some program disk and were able to get some stuff back, but unfortunately I lost countless files & photos, so had the harddrive completely cleaned.

yes I can hear my daughter saying dad you should of backed everything up., hard lesson

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Re: New scam BSOD

@VileReynard wrote:

install a BSOD

Back in the days of windows 95, when BSOD, was often a regular occurrence, there was a lot of jokey programs about. One was of course the BSOD. Had many a laugh with it loading it on friends and rellies PC's.

Nowadays next to no one would trust any programs like this. It's a shame in some ways.