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Netgear R7800 what modem and how configure?

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Netgear R7800 what modem and how configure?

I have currently got an HH5A running in VDSL mode with LEDE firmware flashed on it (also have another unmodded HH5A).

I tried running OpenVPN on the HH5A and the throughput was frankly grim (about 9Mbps as compared to about 50Mbps normally).  Lack of CPU grunt being the problem

I started looking at the Netgear D7800, but AFAICT, LEDE haven't got the VDSL2 modem in that working yet Sad

So, I thought I could maybe use a Netgear R7800, but then I would need to use it with a modem.

What is the best VDSL2 modem (cheap) that I can use with this?   I do have an ECI VG3505J V2 (B-FOCus V-2FUb/r Rev.B) but I have no clue if its any good.

Thanks, Dave



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Re: Netgear R7800 what modem and how configure?

A few Plusnet users are using the TP-LINK TD-W9970 in modem mode. More details in this post

I was in the same position as you. I like the facilities and performance of my 2830 but wanted to change to Fibre. I chose to get a VDSL modem, and continue to use the 2830 via it's WAN port. I initially thought about getting a HG612 BT modem from ebay (the ECI type is not so good!) but they were going for about £25. I eventually went for this switched to bridge mode as a modem in front of the 2830. It get's a good review for it's modem performance here and can be obtained for £29.99 at Argos$ja=tsid:59158|cid:200290250|agid:12504951290|ti...

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