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Netgear DG834G

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Netgear DG834G

Hi, I have a wired setup with 2PCs and a Laptop, and this is all fine.
I used to be able to use the Laptop with wifi but when I tried to set up networking I made a hash & lost my wifi connections. I have subsequently found Network Magic which has sorted out my networking but I wish to start afresh on the laptop to restore the wifi connection
How do I clear all the old wifi non-connections from the laptop, there are some 9  and none connect, and then start all over again.
Angry Advice would be appreciated.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Netgear DG834G

Assuming you're on Windows XP you should be able to delete these via the 'Network Connections' link from the control panel (if you can't see it click 'switch to classic view' on the left and it should show) - your wireless connection should be on there. You can then right click on this and select 'Configure wireless networks' and delete any settings you have saved from there, by highlighting the relevant wireless network settings and hitting the delete key.
Hope this helps,