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Netflix not connecting 007 error

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Netflix not connecting 007 error

Firstly apologies if this is a really stupid question! I have gone through previous posts but suggested solutions don't work.

I have a Panasonic TV with Smart VIERA applications and it was working fine until last summer when Netflix/iPlayer/YouTube etc wouldn't load and the message came up that I needed an internet connection. After going through this forum at that time I found the suggestion to input the IP settings from page 80 of the manual. It worked and everything ran smoothly until a week ago when the problem recurred. My problem this time is that even after inputting the IP settings again, it made no difference at all. Every time I try to use Netflix I'm told I need an internet connection but this is already in place and as the problem arose out of the blue I can't imagine what the problem would be. The apps work fine on my iPad so that's where I'm watching them, but I'm at a complete loss as to how to rectify it on the TV.


Any suggestions gratefully received.... please!

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Re: Netflix not connecting 007 error

You were supposed to try and download James Bond films before doing anything. You didn't, now it's all gotten upset with you lol.

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