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Netflix Open Connect Appliances (OCAs)

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Netflix Open Connect Appliances (OCAs)

This is one just out of curiosity.
Apparently, Netflix will give away to ISPs these OCAs which carry about 80% of their online catalogue, with the idea of reducing peering and transit costs for ISPs who would then only have to serve their customers withinh their own network.
Given how hit-and-miss the streaming experience seems to be these days, would PN consider approaching Netflix to get one of hose babies stashed in their data centre?
Surely it makes sense, both technically and commercially?
Curious to know... Smiley
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Re: Netflix Open Connect Appliances (OCAs)

Netflix has OCAs in LONAP and LINX where they provide settlement free peering. So Plusnet as members of/and having a presence in both (its where their gateways are) already have access.