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Need to update mobile.....lot's of strange brands.

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Need to update mobile.....lot's of strange brands.

I have a low end Samsung, which is slow, lacking in memory and useless in even moderate sunlight. Max I would want to pay is £120. Samsung and Nokia come first to mind, but I am seeing many unknown brands being offered. Should I continue to be wary of them, or are there good phones out there, not of the brands I mentioned at the start? All suggestions and advice are welcome 

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Re: Need to update mobile.....lot's of strange brands.

Noikia = premium brand that people want to be seen with - just like samsung, apple etc.

Others = people not always wanting to be seen with them.

I used a Medion E5004 for 3 years - android 5.1, dual sim, 1ghz processor and 1gb ram. I got a bit fed up with it over a few issues but last year it eventually decided to call time on the battery.

So I replaced it with a nokia 3.2 - also dual sim, android 9 pie, twice the cpu and ram..

The nokia is a pile of JUNK. I really can't get on with it. No phone call recording for a start, screen keeps staying turned on even though it should turn off after a few seconds, the 4G on both slots is pathetic - it drops to 2G when using the phone (my medion would retain 3G), i can only turn off one sim card - or i have to use flight mode (medion would let me turn off both), the sim card settings screen takes several extra finger clicks to get into... The list goes on and on. Granted some of those are android gotchas but the hardware itself is inferior - yet i paid more for this phone than the medion.

The SSD speed on the nokia is also shockingly slow and the camera keeps failing to "develop" some photos - it's digital, that shouldn't happen. The phone takes an age to boot up and doing anything that uses the SSD feels like i'm wasting half my life.

What you're doing when buying a big brand is buying a status symbol. It doesn't mean it's a good / better phone at all. My old medion would do so much more than my nokia does. The nokia does work better with resource intensive web pages but that is literally the onyl good thing i can think of about it. Oh and the dual / split screen thing - that's kinda cool too.

EDIT Nokia also has a better GPS receiver too.

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Re: Need to update mobile.....lot's of strange brands.

Wife has got a Samsung Galaxy J (can't remember the number) and seems happy with that. I've had a Moto G (different versions) for what must be getting onto 6 years now. Bought the Moto G6 Plus last year in lieu of the G7 which had just come out. Quite happy with it. Seems very reliable (never gets turned off and the battery last ages) and pretty fast for what I use it for. Nice screen too.

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