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NAS Problems

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NAS Problems

I have just today joined the Plusnet service (ADSL).
I have a goflex home NAS drive which I used to use connected to my sky router and access through my android devices using esfile explorer, with no issues. It was simply a case of adding the IP, username and password and bingo.
Unfortunately, since I hooked it up to my shiny new Technicolor TG582n router it no longer works. It can see the NAS but can not connect.
Is this due to the router settings? I had a look and it seems fairly complicated with talk of games and apps assigned etc.
Any help would be much appreciated as having no access to this from my phone / tablet is crippling!
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Re: NAS Problems

Hi, and welcome to the forum!
What is the IP address of your NAS?  The Plusnet router hands out addresses (by default) to you devices that start and your NAS will need to be in this range as well.  If the NAS is manually configured with an address that worked with your Sky router then it's likely to now be incorrect for your network.  If the NAS was set to get an IP address automatically, via DHCP, then its address will have changed so you'll need to enter its new address into your Android client.
When you say 'It can see the NAS', what do you mean by 'It'?