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My WMP12 doesn't seem to like the BBC either (WMV files.)

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My WMP12 doesn't seem to like the BBC either (WMV files.)

Sometimes the BBC i-player refuses to offer a programme to download to the desktop i-player but will permit it to be downloaded to the Windows Media Player.
The file format is .WMV, and although one I downloaded this morning can be right-clicked and played if you select WMP, it seems to be invisible in the WMP libraries so can't be accessed and played from WMP proper. At some point I saw a warning about corrupted library files.
So far I've run the Microsoft online "fix-it" tool for WMP (no change), removed and then re-added and re-indexed the WMP Windows feature via the Control panel, and run "sfc /scannow" which is supposed to check and replace any corrupted hidden system files (nothing found.) The only change after all that is that it now runs the built-in example wmv file which it was earlier refusing to run.
OK, there's a work-around but it's pretty aggravating that WMP12 (in Win7) can't seem to deal with files in a Microsoft-derived format!  Roll eyes
Has anyone else had this problem, and more importantly, found a proper solution?
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Re: My WMP12 doesn't seem to like the BBC either (WMV files.)

Different OS, but likely of use to some: I use Media Player Classic, as installed with the K-lite Codec Pack. It means there's pretty much no audio or video file that I have any problems with, and I avoid the ridiculous bloat of Windows Media Player.