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Modem/Router Help.

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Modem/Router Help.

Before i moved to plusnet i was with talktalk. and was using a modem router they sent out. and wondered if this would work with the plusnet internet?
My plusnet line is activated tomorrow so wanted to find out before then.
link to talktalk modem:
Will this work and if not can i set it up to work?
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Re: Modem/Router Help.

It will work, but you'll need to enter your PN user name and pasword into its set up pages.

Info on this page for getting into the settings.
I can't remember exactly where in the admin pages the user name and password are stored but you'll need to rake around and find it (IIRC it's under Basic >WAN settings - you'll need to click on the pencil to edit the settings).  Once there, just change to your PN details (including the bit in the user name) - remember to save the settings!  (Click on "Submit" then "Save All")
Edited from Kitz's web site here.
Connect the router to your computers Network card using the supplied network cable
~ Browse to
~ Log in using the default settings username = admin and password = admin
~ From the left hand menu select Basic
~ Select WAN settings
~ Click on the pencil icon on the top right hand side
~ Set your username and password as given by Plusnet
     which should be in the format of
~ Click Submit
~ Click Save all
~ Click OK