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Missing MRUs

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Missing MRUs

When I use advanced system care to clean out missing files and other rubbish on my computer I get a long list of ' Missing MRU files' What are these and is there any way to avoid these ?
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Re: Missing MRUs

answer from another forum (Lavasoft)
Hi, Gloria. MRU (Most Recently Used) items are nothing more than lists of the most recent files accessed by various processes/programs on your system. For example, if you open any of the MS Office products they display a list of the last several files that were created/edited. These are normal system features and not the result of any malware.
Some people consider these a privacy concern and clear them out. Others, like myself, appreciate the convenience that they offer and keep them.
You can prevent Ad-Aware from reporting these by deselecting the "Search for negligible risk entries" switch in the Preparing System Scan pane which appears after you click the Scan now button.