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Missing Channel on Freeview

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Missing Channel on Freeview

Checking out the progs listed on

I thought I would like to watch VIVA on Freeview Channel 57 ...

However, despite a re-tune on 21st ( as notified with a popup message on screen on the telly ).. I can`t get Ch57 

Anyone know why  ? 

Are some Freeview channels only available on-line  ?  if so, they should not be listed as on Free View progam channel lists.


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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview

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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview


@Anonymous Cry Cry Cry

Thanks for the research, and linky... Wink

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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview

Poxy freeview retune popups.. they annoy the hell out of me - we see it every day on the panasonic vierra we have. Arguably not the greatest quality TV ever made..

We have a few channels listed that we can't watch or only intermittently able to - 5Spike being one of them.

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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview

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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview

VIVA has been coming and going for a few years now; at one point they broadcast for about four hours in the middle of the day I think.

I discovered my Channel 4+1 HD said "not broadcasting or encrypted" when I tried it on 21st before I remembered the retune reminders that had been popping up.  However, after the retune the signal strength on that channel and a few other HD ones was so poor that it was unwatchable.  By Friday night it seemed to be adequate again (30% - the minimum required for HD I understand) but not as good as previously (75% or thereabouts).

I find useful for any TV reception related matters (although it isn't always easy to navigate).

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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview

I notice that Freeview Channel 10 (ITV3) has disappeared.   I can now get the programme on Channel 788 !!


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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview

It's still on Channel 10 at Crystal Palace...

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Re: Missing Channel on Freeview

If you are having issues with a particular channel that persist after a retune the first thing to check is if you can still get other channels on the same Mux - see If you can it's not the signal or the TV, it's the broadcaster.

If it is all the channels on the Mux check you are using the correct Mux channel. Use the Coverage checker on - tick the detailed view box. That will tell you the channel numbers and likely reception. You can use the channel numbers to manually refresh that single channel on most TVs etc.

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