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Microsoft and Internet for All

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Microsoft and Internet for All

The world is currently in a globalization state of mind so Microsoft thought that it would be good time to go the same way and work with governments around the world to make Internet access available to everyone.
The company has launched the Shape the Future program, a program that works with national or municipal governments in public-private partnerships, to connect the billions of people that currently don't have Internet, the priority being students and their families as well as educators.
Dan MacFetridge, business development director for Microsoft’s Shape the Future program said that “education is always a government priority, but changing the conversation from ‘prove that a PC makes for better grades’ to one where you can demonstrate the political and economic value makes these initiatives rise to the top of a government’s priority list.”
The Shape the Future program has already been launched in several countries, including the Philippines, Georgia, Brazil, Kuwait, the UK and Portugal, and so far it is a win-win-win situation for all parties, as MacFetridge says.
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Re: Microsoft and Internet for All

But a lose-lose situation for the targeted audience.