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Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows XP

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Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows XP

On Wednesdays I use a machine that still runs Windows XP.  It has Microsoft Security Essentials installed:
Antimalware Client Version: 4.4.304.0
Engine Version: 1.1.11903.0
Antivirus definition:
Antispyware definition:

I deliberately blocked the update to MSE that caused an annoying end-of-life message.  Today I was able to update the definitions, despite the fact that Microsoft had announced this would not be possible on XP after 14th July.
Has anyone else noticed this?
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Re: Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows XP

Yes. In fact I'm sure one XP system that I switched from another AV product to MSE quite recently just installed and updated with no nagging messages at all.
It would appear that the Microsoft threats to "expire" it on XP have been quietly forgotten.
IIRC they said you wouldn't be able to install it either but I had no problems.