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Microsoft Files Complaint with the European Commission Against Motorola

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Microsoft Files Complaint with the European Commission Against Motorola

Today, Microsoft announced that it filed a formal complaint with the European Commission against Motorola Mobility (and Google, who is in the process of purchasing Motorola), so as to prevent the vendor from blocking sales of Windows PCs, Xbox game console and other products.
Apparently, Motorola is unhappy with the fact that these devices provide users with the possibility to view videos on the Web or to wirelessly connect to the Internet using industry standards.
“You probably take for granted that you can view videos on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or DVD/Blu-ray player and connect to the Internet without being tied to a cable,” Dave Heiner, vice president and deputy general counsel, corporate standards and antitrust group, Microsoft, notes.
“That works because the industry came together years ago to define common technical standards that every firm can use to build compatible products for video and Wi-Fi.
“Motorola and all the other firms that contributed to these standards also made a promise to one another: that if they had any patents essential to the standards, they would make their patents available on fair and reasonable terms, and would not use them to block competitors from shipping their products.”
However, it appears that Motorola has changed its mind on the matter, Dave Heiner notes. The company reportedly broke the aforementioned promise and plans on using the patents it holds in the area to kill video on the Web.

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Re: Microsoft Files Complaint with the European Commission Against Motorola

define common technical standards

Makes a change for M$ to be upholding standards, they usually change them to suit themselves  Wink
I very much doubt that Motorola is trying to "kill video on the Web." more likely they don't want to use a M$ "standard".
Will be interesting to see what becomes of it.