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Media server and external HDD.

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Media server and external HDD.

Hi all.
Please can you help, I have fttc with Plusnet but use a BT home hub 3 as my router as I feel if is a little faster. What I want to do is set up an external HDD for shearing media files on my network.
Is it best to use the USB on the home hub 3? If so, how do I connect a tablet (android) a mobile (android) and an iPhone?Huh
Or can I connect the technicolor router via ethernet cable to a port on the home hub 3 and use the HDD through the USB on that, thus using the technicolor router as a media server and the home hub 3 as the broadband router?Huh
Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.
Many Thanks.  Smiley
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Re: Media server and external HDD.

get a new router that actually supports both fibre and usb media share unlike either of the two routers you mentioned
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