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Malwarebytes on Android

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Malwarebytes on Android

Anyone suddenly having problems launching Malwarebytes on an Android device? I have three in the family, all of which are suddenly saying "App has stopped" when launched. All different machines, different versions of Android.

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Re: Malwarebytes on Android

I gave up on it after telling it ONLY to run on a Sunday am. then finding it running EVERY Day.
It never found any anyway so no real loss.
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Re: Malwarebytes on Android

I just find all these security apps slow things down and use the battery power quicker so don't have them.


I am vigilant on what I download or click on, thoughThumbs Up

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Re: Malwarebytes on Android

I might be late contributing, but having just read this thread I checked mine out too.

Launched the app, was greeted to a longer than usual boot screen (pulsating logo), but other than that no issues here.

(though I have RTP off, plus some other settings have been tweaked).

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Re: Malwarebytes on Android

Totally unnecessary bloat, and better off uninstalling it IMO...