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Looking for advice/info on SNR

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Looking for advice/info on SNR

I recently switched from BT to John Lewis Broadband AKA Plusnet. With the supplied router (Zyxel) I had all of two weeks with a speed of approx 30mb - (big improvement over the 23mb I was getting with BT and an old TP Link router). SNR since joining Plusnet has been approx 3dB. Following the massive lighting storms a couple of weeks back my connection dropped dramatically to 6mb. After talking to support they deduced the router was the issue and shipped me out a new one. Whilst waiting for this to arrive I used an the old TP Link router I had lying around and this was syncing again at 30mb. Today the replacement router arrived and although it says it was synced at 30mb, I had no internet connection. Finally sussed out this was due to not having my user/password entered in the VDSL settings. Issue is that whilst trying to sort this out the router was rebooted a couple of times. Whilst I now have a working connection, my speed has now dropped to 13mb and SNR is now up at 24 dB. Router stats show max for my line is about 35mb. Guess the reboots have messed things up. Can anyone let me know if I should expect the SNR to drop automatically with a subsequent increase in speed or is there anything that can be done to get me back to pre-storm speeds? Thanks.
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Re: Looking for advice/info on SNR

I'm sorry but John Lewis broadband and Plusnet operate as two totally separate companies, there's no a.k.a Plusnet in the way that they operate. Consequently you will get no help from Plusnet staff.

Whilst the DLM will reduce SNR in time if the line is quiet there's also the possibility that your line is banded. You need to talk to John Lewis support if you want this checked out.

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Re: Looking for advice/info on SNR

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Re: Looking for advice/info on SNR

Hi there, thanks for your post via our community forums.

While we do provide the service and customer support for John Lewis Broadband, it's correct that we can't support you as a JLB customer via our community forums(Or social media platforms). The ways you can contact support can be found Here

Having said that, as this is a community forum where anyone and everyone are free to post regarding issues they may have as long as it's in line with the forum rules I'm happy to give my advice based on what you've said.

I suspect that the lightning storms you've had caused the really big increase in SNR margin and if you had a 3dB SNR before the storms hit, with time I'd expect the SNR to decrease and your sync speed to go up.

If your speeds are currently below VDSL Range A expectations when you put your landline telephone number in Here it may be worth requesting an engineer visit as they'd be able to investigate further at the very least requesting an SNR reset.

I hope this helps.

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