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Long shot Skype question

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Long shot Skype question

I have a Gigaset Quicksync telephony application which monitors my Gigaset landline phone by bluetooth and pops up a message on screen when a call comes in which I can answer, send to answering machine or end call.
I can also initiate a call from within Outlook.....all very nice and geeky.
However I also have Skype running which gets used daily and Skype grabs the Windows TAPI service preventing some of the functionality of the above application.
I never make calls to landlines or mobiles from Skype so is it possible to disable that part of Skype and therefore allow Quicksync to fully work.
Or maybe there is an app to replace Skype.
Windows 10 Firefox 109.0 (64-bit)
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Re: Long shot Skype question

There are several apps to replace skype, but not if you want to use the skype service  Sad
Doubt if you can disable the grabbing, but someone more upto date on M$ will (probably) correct me  Cheesy