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Linux Live USB Issues

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Linux Live USB Issues

I have been trying a number of linux distros Mint and PC Linux on my laptop, but for some reason i cannot get the wifi to work.  Is this normal?

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Re: Linux Live USB Issues

  @morgan2476  Depending on the age of the laptop..... and if you are using a "broadcom" based wifi card...

a quick look on google  brought up this page..

which may or may not help...


this is what I searched for... how to solve no wifi network on linux mint


Which resulted in many pages of info...  ( obviously, you will have to connect via a ethernet cable to get on the net to start with ! ! )_ ..


Good luck

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Re: Linux Live USB Issues

It's possible on a very new model of laptop with an unsupported wifi card...

An ethernet cable connection is much more likely to work.

What does the command iwconfig show?

Try following the instructions in which tries to detect your hardware and any installed drivers.

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Re: Linux Live USB Issues

More details on the lappy would help as well. Make and model are a good start.