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Link wasn't live in Picasa

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Link wasn't live in Picasa

Have been using Picasa for years but recently posted a link to some photos I had recently uploaded and was advised by someone who tried to access the link that  'The Link wasn't live in my post' but he went on to say he had activated it by clicking on the Hyperlink.
Can anyone give me a bit more info about this such as, How can I check a link is activated ? (Yes I did click on the link and it worked OK for me) What's a Hyperlink ?
and finally why would the link not be live when all previous links to Picasa were ?
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Re: Link wasn't live in Picasa

Something like or this is a hyperlink or hotlink - click it and you are taken there (the default browser being opened if the link is in an email. Done like this - - the link is not active, but no amount of clicking will make it so - so puzzled by the comment you received. Huh
When I receive photos emailed using Picasa the image names are listed but the photographs themselves come as attachments, the only link is to the Picasa website. Have you uploaded the photos to an album, then emailed links to the album?