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Latest iPlayer (Windows)

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Latest iPlayer (Windows)

I received a message last Thursday regarding an upgrade to iPlayer 2 being available. Having read the blurb regarding re-downloading any current programs to watch as the two versions are not compatible I installed the new version.


What wasn't made clear is that you can no longer change the folder where you save the downloads to. Nor can you change the drive the program is installed on. This has caused me issues as the default drive only has a 1GB of free space. I have tried to find the previous version on line to go back to with no luck.


I have contacted iPlayer Help but no response as yet.


Just thought I'd give a heads up.

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Re: Latest iPlayer (Windows)

If you're comfortable with the command line I'd recommend looking at get_iplayer

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Re: Latest iPlayer (Windows)

Linux can also do a GUI PVR - maybe Windows can do the same?

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