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Laptop Lifter & mini mouse

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Laptop Lifter & mini mouse

Just a couple of points I want to pass on for anyone with overheating problems, and also the problem with the touch pad accuracy.
I changed my big and bulky desktop for a laptop a couple of years ago,and the first thing I noticed was that it got quite hot when working for long periods, and also the keyboard was difficult to type on (I use all fingers and one thumb) (properly trained you see! !) The other annoying thing was that infernal touch pad instead of a mouse.  I could not get the accuracy of movement on the pad, and often deleted something, instead of moving it. also, drag and drop, and photo editing was difficult.
The first problem was solved by making a "cardboard wedge" with a cut out for the vent underneath the laptop. This improved the airflow, and lowered the temperature.  Then I decided that was not "cool" enough so I went into the shed and came up with my "laptop lifter".  It is made of a strip of wood, the width of the laptop, about 1.25 to 1.5 inches high, and then I put two swivel feet on it, so that it would be stable in operation, and easily fold away for transport in the laptop bag.  (it looks a lot more "cool" than the cardboard wedge! !..)
In use, the Laptop Lifter is placed under the hinge of the screen, thereby making the keyboard slope towards you, and easier to type on, and providing a nice air gap underneath the laptop, to dissipate the hot air.

The touch pad was made redundant by using a mouse. ! simple solution, except the "standard" mouse, weighs almost as much as the laptop, was bulky, and uncomfortable to use. so I scanned the shops including PC World, and Currys. and then I saw a "mini" mouse in ASDA.  However, I soon cottoned on to the idea, that the mouse was so small, that it would cause severe pain in the thumb and fingers, of the hand operating it, that I dismissed that one.... on the way home, I called in to my local "Cartridge World" shop to enquire if they had a "small mouse" for use with laptops.... They said "yes..." and produced the one in the pic below.  Cost about £8.75 but well worth it.

Hope this is found to be useful  Wink
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Re: Laptop Lifter & mini mouse

just got two of these tables from Tchibo, just under £8.00 each, cant find the bill, but very recent, can be reduced in width by about 3 inches or use the side bit for a mouse table, easy fold up legs, probably wont easily go in a bag thou