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LG UHD smart TV won’t connect to Internet

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LG UHD smart TV won’t connect to Internet

We recently purchased a brand new LG tv. We have connected it via WiFi and cable and cannot get the TV to connect to the internet yet if I connect to my phone via hotspot it works fine.
We have tried changing the DNS to and but nothing, however google services such as google maps, google search etc seem to work (but it won’t let you click on a link from google search)
We have done factory reset, downloaded the latest update onto usb and installed...we are just at a loss as to why it won’t work 🤷‍♀️
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Re: LG UHD smart TV won’t connect to Internet

I presume your Plusnet router is operating on a default config, so no static IPs or changes to IP address ranges or DHCP settings?

Does the TV's Network Status indicate successful gateway, DNS and Internet connectivity?


Some have indicated that disabling "Quickstart" on the TV can sometimes fix connectivity problems. Don't ask me why!

Go to Settings, all Settings, General, Quick Start -> "Off", power cycle the TV and try again. Long shot, but perhaps it fixes your problem...