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LED R7S 118mm Dimmable

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LED R7S 118mm Dimmable

I've been waiting for these for a while now, has anybody tried them ?


We have 2 expensive uplighters and have been waiting quite a while for some Dimmable R7S 118mm LED Lamps as we use them dimmed down very low. John lewis do them.. but @ £25 a pop, I don't think so!




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Re: LED R7S 118mm Dimmable

you can get a range of different ones from amazon

I realise not all of those listed are dimmable but that's down to the dodgy search filters amazon use, but if your just looking to see what the effect is then its possible to pick up a pair of dimmable bulbs for the same price as a single bulb...


me I would tend towards the cheaper options rather than paying for the brand name /



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