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Keys strokes not repeating [Solved]

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Keys strokes not repeating [Solved]

I know I have had this issue before and have searched but can't find anything Sad
No key can can be repeated until another is pressed whether it be numerical, letter, backspace/delete or cursor control.
I have Logitech SetPoint installed and have looked at both its and Control Panel's setting but nothing obvious shows up.
Can anyone remember the previous thread where I am certain I found a resolution?
It's not a eatery issue as they are recently new at insertion and the software indicates there is still a lot of life left in them.
A bit more delving and a brainstorm meant I found that Filter Keys in Ease Of Access Centre had been turned on.
No the next question is ... how?

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Re: Keys strokes not repeating [Solved]

Shift for eight seconds Turn Filter Keys on and off
Windows logo key +U Open the Ease of Access Center