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Kaspersky Strange Behaviour

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Kaspersky Strange Behaviour

I have Kaspersky Total Security installed on my computer.

I also have Cumulus weather station software installed.

Both of these applications have lived together quite happily for a few years.

This afternoon Kaspersky flagged up 5 instances of Cumulus including some backups as Trojans and deleted them all including the running .exe.

It then rolled back all actions except the active Cumulus.exe which remained deleted.

I've downloaded and reinstalled Cumulus and done a rescan with no problems.

Maybe Kaspersky got its underwear in a twist.

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Re: Kaspersky Strange Behaviour

Hi Strat,

I have the same setup on my PC running Windows 10 but have not had any reports from Kaspersky that it is not happy with Cumulus (yet!!) I'll let you know if anything changes.