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Is the Spam Filter going mad?

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Is the Spam Filter going mad?

Just lately, I have been having problems getting some incoming emails. It started with emails coming via an email distributor called Any it thought were spam, it just rejected so I would know nothing of them. At first it was only those with attachments, but since PlusNet and I together have adjusted the Spam Filter to not reject spam but to mark it as spam and put it in my postmaster account, the problem seems to have widened. Now it could be with or without attachments. The problem has also widened so that information emails addressed to me or my wife that came direct from businesses (not via be accused of being spam and redirected to my postmaster account. It doesn't appear to be all emails from those places, but some get through safely while others don't. These business emails are just weekly, customer-wide info emails which we want. What gets through and what doesn't seems to be decided by an electronic toss of a coin or the mood the filter is in.

The Spam Filter is set to the minimum severity, so the only way to make it less severe is to turn it off, something I would prefer not to do.

Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance