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Is it borked ! ? ? ?

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Is it borked ! ? ? ?

Have been trying to install "Prey"   an on line tracking service.. to my MINT 20 hdd..

Went through all the procedures.. but it would not show the machine on the "config panel"..

So decided to do a reboot... shut down.. .then left it for about 30 mins,.. and re-booted...

got this screen message...


                                           GNU GRUB  version 2.04

Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported... For the first word.

TAB lists possible command completions.

Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions.

grub> _  (flashing lower dash cursor)

pressing ESC or Return key only repeats the grub>_


I did try "boot"  ( without the inverted commas, and it said I should install the kernel first)


So,.. I`m thinking that it is "borked".... however... I have removed that hdd and put it in a caddy to see what is what... and here is a "screen shot" of the contents...




Is it actually "borked" unrecoverable?   or is there some secret way of getting it to boot up properly ! ? ? ? 

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Posts: 22,201
Thanks: 3,767
Fixes: 64
Registered: ‎06-11-2007

Re: Is it borked ! ? ? ?


This..... sort of.... fixed my problem .... ! ! ..


Had a look on line...and found there is a way to repair the boot record... needs to have an original USB or CDROM install available.... and do some small "terminal" work...

Still have the original "live" usb for the install of Mint 20... so plugged it in...booted up.. and did the "install",.. then did the "boot repair" thing.....


Only it made it even worse ! ! ..

ah well... I thought... I`ll go the whole hog, and see if I can do a "dual boot" install of Mint 20 ... and that is what I did...

Now I can access the original files and folders from the "dual boot" selecting the original version instead of the new version. ( it helps to remember the sda numbers of each for identity)


Hah !  so. !  I thought... if I can access it.. then maybe if I delete the "new" "2nd" install, when I boot up next time, it MAY be that the original has been repaired....  NAH !.. no way...

so ... back to the "dual boot" option with a new re-install of the 2nd copy of Mint 20.. and hey presto.. can access the original files and folders again...

Just have to remember to do the correct selection on boot up !...

as for Prey... well... I have given up on that for the time being....