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Is Google Chrome Secure?

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Is Google Chrome Secure?

I normally use IE to shop at ASDA but today I tried Chrome. When I went to 'checkout' the bit at the top that has the padlock and says https it was in red with a red score through it. I looked under the bonnet and in privacy they are all ticked except automatically send usage..At HTTPS/SSL I have all 3 boxes ticked.Does anyone know why HTTPS was in red and does that mean I will need to change my bank details because I placed the order or can someone hack my computer. I also have Norton protection so I thought everything would be OK
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Re: Is Google Chrome Secure?

It is unlikely, but it might mean that you were looking at a clone site which does not hold the official Asda security certificate. I've just tried the secure Asda site using Chrome and I had no problems with security certificates. There are other factors which could cause this, but it might be worth you changing your Asda password and keeping an eye on your bank credit card statements for a while. Also change any on-line passwords for your bank/credit cards.
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