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Internet crashes

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Internet crashes

For some years my network at home has worked fine. It consists of a BT Voyager 205 ADSL router and a net gear switch connected to which are 2 PCs which are networked together to allow file sharing, and a laptop all of which are running windows XP professional. All of these are plugged into the router  or switch.
I recently got my son a laptop (Windows 7 professional), but when that is connected to the Net Gear switch it causes the Internet connection to fail. Not as soon as it is connected, it will usually work okay for a time but then the Internet connection fails, to all of the computers which are working at that time. When it fails I have found that to get back onto the Internet I have to turn the BT router off and then on again after a short while.
I only have this problem when the Windows 7 laptop is connected It does it when only the Windows 7 laptop is on, as well as when the Windows 7 laptop is on with my other computers. But when the Windows 7 laptop is off everything worked fine.
Any ideas?
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Re: Internet crashes

Coincidence!  Those BT Voyager routers don't last forever and yours is probably coming to the end of its life.